Lecture Outlines
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WARNING: If there is no date listed, then the outline is from the old (2001) edition of the course. This year's  lectures will be very similar, but be warned that there will be some changes.  

Jan. 20 Introduction: What History is Not
Prologue: The Last Crisis
Patriarchy, Sovereignty, and the European-Indian Encounter, part 1
Patriarchy, Sovereignty, and the European-Indian Encounter, part 2
17th-Century Origins of the North and South:
The Origins of North American Slavery
The Middle Colonies and a Middle Way
Liberalism and Neglect: The 18th-Century Origins of U.S. Politics
The Coming of the American Revolution
Unintended Consequences of the Revolution
A Roof Without Walls: Creating the United States
Conflicting Visions: The Early American Republic
The Jeffersonian Experiment and Its Ironies
The Age of Martin Van Buren: Party, Democracy, and Nationalism
The Cotton Kingdom: The Expansion of Slavery and the Hardening of Southern Culture
A Benevolent Empire? Northern Culture in the Age of the New Abolitionism (summary)
The Decline and Fall of the Old Republic 
Nationality by Force of Arms: The Civil War