University of Missouri, History 2440, Spring 2009, Prof. Jeffrey L. Pasley

Thomas Hart Benton
bulletTERMS TO STUDY: Midterm; Final
bulletLECTURE OUTLINES -- large pdf files available when we are done with lecture
bulletIndian Missouri
bulletColonial Missouri
bulletFrontier Missouri
bulletMissouri Crisis
bulletGateway to the West
bulletLife and Death on the Mississippi
bulletSlavery's Northwestern Outpost
bulletMissouri and the Invasion of Kansas
bulletFailed State: Missouri in the Civil War
bulletRiding: Post-Civil War Missouri
bulletReading: White, "Outlaw Gangs of the Middle Border"
bullet1888 MO railroad map
bulletA MO Progressive Era?
bulletUp to Date in Kansas City: Gangsters and Depression
bulletBullets, Bombs, and 'Burbs: Post- WWII Missouri
bulletReading: Maloney, "River Quay"