History 3.3, Winter 2004
Review Sheet for Final Exam

There will be a review session in Ellis Auditorium on Friday afternoon, 5/7, beginning at 3:30pm. You may also ask questions by posting to the bulletin board.  That's also where the links to the PowerPoint presentations will be posted. Check this page later for any changes, and check the website on Thursday afternoon for the actual text of the cumulative Civil War question that will be on the final.

What readings does the test cover?
American Journey, Chaps. 7, 8, 9,10,11,12, plus pp. 408-414, 417-427
(NOTE: The test will cover the earlier chapters listed above (7-10) much more thoroughly the later ones. You should read the others, guided by the list below, to flesh out your answers to the broader questions, including the big Civil War question. You should be looking for evidence of how the North and South grew apart, both culturally and in terms of how they defined the nature of the American republic.)    
Online reader, Units 6-10

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