Introduction: Defining "Conspiracy Theory"

Paranoia for Fun and Profit in Recent American Culture

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• Pasley, "Conspiracy Theory and American Exceptionalism from the Revolution to Roswell"(web)
•begin reading Fenster, Conspiracy Theories

The War of the Worlds and the World Between the Wars: The 1930s Beginnings of Modern Paranoia

•David B. Davis, ed., The Fear of Conspiracy (reserve), pp. 249-89
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NEW Gen. Smedley D. Butler, Testimony before House Special Committee on Un-American Activities, pp. 8-20
NEW Listen to speech by Father Charles Coughlin
NEW Gen. Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket

Reds, Red Scares, and the Rise of the National Security State

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Enemies and Friends and Enemies from Space: UFOs and Aliens in Postwar American Culture 

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JFK: The Assassination in Context
JFK: History of the Conspiracy Theories

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Calvin Trillin, "The Buffs"