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Test Format

50 multiple-choice questions.  Bring a number-two pencil to class on test day.

What the Test Covers

bulletAll lectures through Sept. 30
bulletAll readings through Week 4 on the paper syllabus:
bulletPosner, Case Closed
bulletBoyer & Nissenbaum, Salem Possessed
bulletBrinkley, Unfinished Nation, pp. 1-25, 39-64, 71-74, 76-85, 88-101
bulletAll required web readings posted as of Sept. 30

Top Terms to Know Compiled from WebBoard lists

NOTE: Test questions will be created based on this list.

Definitions of conspiracy theory
fluoridation controversy
origins of African-American community rumors
the "usual suspects" in conspiracy theory
the "blood libel"
Black Helicopters
Oklahoma City bombing
The Turner Diaries
Satanic ritual abuse
LaVey, Anton
Anti-Clinton conspiracy theories

Kennedy, John F.: background, politics, image
Profiles in Courage, Peace Corps, Apollo program
Election of 1960
Bay of Pigs
JFK's Vietnam policy
JFK's civil rights record
JFK's Inaugural Address
Zapruder film
Oswald, Lee Harvey: background, political leanings
Ruby, Jack
Warren Commission
Assassination buffs
Chief suspects in JFK c.t.'s
"magic bullet"
"Grassy Knoll"
Garrison, Jim
House Select Committee on Assassinations

Massachusetts Bay colony
Winthrop, John
Hutchinson, Anne
English Civil War (English Revolution)
The Dominion of New England
"Glorious Revolution"
Halfway Covenant
typical witchcraft accusation elements: maleficium, familiars, "sabbat," etc.
Salem Village Witchcraft Crisis
Parris, Rev. Samuel
Boyer & Nissenbaum's social/economic interpretation of Salem witchcraft
Mather, Rev. Cotton
Protestant Reformation
providential thinking ("World of Wonders")

European attitudes toward wilderness
Eastern Woodlands Indian culture: agriculture, gender, warfare, religion
Puritan attitudes toward Indians
"praying towns"
Pequot War
King Philip's War
fur trade
New France
Iroquois Confederacy
French and Indian War (Seven Years War)
Pontiac's Rebellion
war belts
Gen. Jeffery Amherst
Proclamation of 1763
Gnadenhutten Massacre
Paxton Boys

Have no idea what some of these are?  Try your textbook or Encyclopedia Britannica online. (This resource is available only through FSU internet connections.)